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Getting a lush green lawn could be a challenging task. Hydro mousses claim to be a perfect device to grow Lawn grass through the natural seeding process. Grass appears like professional lawn maintenance companies developed it. The method is cheap and affordable for everyone.

Table of Contents

  1. How does hydro Mousse work?
  2. Is hydro Mousse effective in growing grass?
  3. How long does it take for Hydro mousse to work?
  4. Do you water hydro Mousse?
  5. Is hydro Mousse toxic?
  6. What kind of grass is hydro Mousse?
  7. What is Hydro mousse made of?
  8. Is hydro Mousse safe for the animals?
  9. Conclusion

How does hydro Mousse work?

The hydro mousse company claims the device can produce healthy grass on the lawn through natural processes. Grass grows within 7 to 14 days without needing additional life support.

Attach the device to the water hose and use the Hydro mousse container to spread the liquid mixed with the grass seeds to the area where you want the grass.

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The liquid is made of fertilizer, seeds, and water. The formula turns green due to the dye used in the substance. So when you mix the water, the liquid turns green.

Although the mixing process is simple, it is advisable to mix the substance separately in the bucket and then use the hose to spray it on the lawn. If you are not careful while pouring, the green will spread everywhere.

Every water droplet will have seeds, so ensure that you are careful while pouring the mixture on the ground.

The area will cover healthy green grass wherever you spray the liquid within a few weeks. Do not pour the liquid where you do not need the grass. Use the flow adjustment button to limit output.

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Watch the video below to learn how Hydro Mousse works.

Is hydro Mousse effective in growing grass?

The primary substance of the hydro Mousse is the formula it uses to grow the grass. When you buy the product, you get the hydro mousse device with a package of pre-selected seeds. The customers who used the mousses have received positive results from the device.

These seeds come in the pre-mixed formula. You have to attach the seeds to the device, connect it to the water connection, and spray it on the lawn. The conditioner helps loosen hard dirt, so the water can reach the ground and create a suitable environment for the grass to grow.

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The hydro mousse product development company also suggest lawn owner maintain the moist in the ground.

Especially if you are trying to make your green lawn in the summer days, the water level in the atmosphere drops significantly. Spray the water every few hours to ensure the ground has sufficient moisture.

You cannot leave the ground after you spray the hydro mousse liquid. Water the area three times a day. Let the grass receive fresh nutrition from the water. The seeds will penetrate the ground and grow about 3 inches in height within a few weeks.

How long does it take for Hydro mousse to work?

Generally, It takes 7 to 14 days for the Hydro Mousse to work. During this period, the lawn needs close attention and proper maintenance.

Gently water the ground three times a day. The water is necessary to keep the soil moist and supply the required nutrition found in the freshwater. Regular maintenance shall be done till the grass reaches 3 inches tall.

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Also, keep the lawn temperature below 50 degrees. The heat may vaporize the essential ingredient needed for the growth and slow the growth.

Do you water hydro Mousse?

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Yes. Water is needed in the newly seeded area about 2 to 3 times a day. Ensure the soil is moist and prevent the heat from drying the surface. Too much heat also causes the seeds to die.

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Thus, water will protect the seeds until they penetrate the ground and cover under the layer of the soil and dust particles.

Keep the soil wet for around 14 days. Usually, the grass’s growth starts between 7 to 14 days. The seeds germinate and soon reach the surface. You can expect total growth of up to 30 days.

Is hydro Mousse toxic?

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No. The Hydro mousse is safe to use for humans as well as animals. There is no harm in using it. The company claims the mousse formula is made of non-toxic organic ingredients.

Thus, using it on your lawn will not negatively impact your health. If the mousse liquid spill on your hands, use regular soap to clean it.

However, it would be best if you did not allow the animals or children to play on the ground where it is a spray. When you spread the formula on the ground, it needs time to reach the ground.

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The substance found in the liquid allows the ground to penetrate and loosen the hard soil so that the seeds can reach under the surface.

What kind of grass is hydro Mousse?

Hydro Mousse produces grass through organic methods. The process works because it is made from the mixture of the perfect organic blend. It helps the soil to become suitable for growth and thrive quickly.

The company does not disclose the blend. It is patented from being copied by other players in the industry. It is safe for humans and animals. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals, so there will be no negative impact on the soil.

The grass produced through the hydro Mousse will grow about 3 to 4 inches. It will look natural with a thin blade structure. Also, the green color will appear through the natural organic process, which makes the lawn look extraordinary.

What is Hydro mousse made of?

Hydro Mousse is made of high-quality plastic material. The product comes with a spray bottle that easily hooks the garden hose. Additionally, you get a bag of grass seeds with the device. The small bottom of the green fluid provided gets mixed with the seeds.

The solution is specially made for the seeds. The solution helps the seeds stick to the ground long enough until it finds their way to the soil. The company named it “Eco-friendly seed sticking solutions.”

The seeds will get washed away if you do not use the solution. Thus, the solution must be used in the correct quantity as suggested by the manufacturer. Follow the instructions mentioned in the manual while using the hydro Mousse. Do not add any other ingredient other than what is provided by the company.

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The hydro mousse company ensures the minimum work is needed to assemble the device and make it ready to spray. Connect the parts and mix the solution and seeds as advised and you are prepared to spray the solution on your lawn. Anyone can easily use the device.

We ensure that you keep the solution away from sensitive body parts such as the eyes. If required, use the safety goggles while spraying the solution on the lawns. There are possibilities that the wind will make the solution to reach your face and eyes.

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The company claims there is no harmful ingredient in the mixture, but safety is still needed. So carefully use the substance and spray on the ground where you want to grow the grass.

Also, after using the hydro mousse device, Clean it thoroughly with the tab water and keep it in a safe place away from the children and animals. A secure cabinet will be the perfect place to store the hydro Mousse.

Is hydro Mousse safe for the animals?

Hydro Mousse is safe for humans and animals. It doesn’t contain any harmful substance that could cause damage to the health of the living being. Many of you might have a pet that may get in contact with the solution spread on the ground.

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Though there is no harm, it is recommended to have some barrier around the ground where you spray the solution to avoid the animals and children reaching them. The solution may cause itchiness to some of the sensitive parts of the body. The contact to the eye could also have some negative impact.

However, the company claims it is made of organic methods, so the ingredients used in the making will not affect the body. Still, no matter how the company claims a safe product, you should take the required precaution as a user.

There are also possibilities that your hand will get green due to the dye mixed in the water. Wash your hand with the dish wash soap after spraying the solution on the lawn. There will be no harm to the health. You can comfortably eat the food with your bare hand.

Moreover, the company has not disclosed the ingredient used in the solution. But it says the solution is used to keep the seed stuck to the ground for a more extended period. The blend creates a suitable environment and makes the suitable condition for the plant to grow.


Hydro Mousse is a widely accepted modern lawn maintenance device helping users grow the grass naturally. The device is ergonomically designed to make the user comfortable. It requires fewer efforts to assemble and use it on a regular day.

You will be able to complete the process within a few minutes, and your lawn will be ready to use. The device will help you get fresh grass on the lawn within a few weeks if you do proper maintenance.

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